We just finished the webinar with Mal Emery, and it was great to hear his no-holds-barred attitude to getting out there and buying businesses to sell.

We know it’s a fantastic time to be buying and selling websites because we’re right in the middle of the online boom, with valuations rising and the amount of serious money invested into online business growing by the day.

But it’s also a great time to be buying traditional offline businesses to sell as well. There is currently a “cleanse” happening as Mal tactfully put it, with lots of businesses going under and many more finding it tough. Many of these businesses are good businesses in disguise – run down by the owner because they really dont know what they’re doing.

And if you’ve got the knowledge and skills to turn them around, you can negotiate yourself a fantastic deal on the buy, and then sell for a great price relatively quickly. As we say, there’s always a market for a good business, “a money making machine” as Mal puts it.

We’re really looking forward to presenting at the Cash-Out event this weekend, we’ll be sharing our strategies for turning a business into a highly sellable fortune, and also our profitable online buy and sell strategies.

If you would like to attend, there are still places left – but not many after tonight with the webinar full to capacity and having to turn people away, we’re sure the same will happen for this weekends event.

Click Here if you would like to book in

See you there!

Matt and Liz




Liz Raad
Liz Raad

Liz Raad is a leading educator in Digital Marketing and specialises in private training courses on How To Buy Websites and teaching beginners how to earn online income through building a portfolio of money making websites.   Find her on LinkedIn or follow her on Facebook.