Digital Marketing, Website Investment and Website Design Courses

The best way to feel secure about your future is to be prepared. Matt and Liz's practical online courses focus on digital skills that are highly valued and can generate real income and profits through starting, running and buying websites.

Matt and Liz Raad Digital Marketing Certificate Course

Our online digital courses will guide you step-by-step through everything you need to know to successfully build, buy and renovate websites, and use digital marketing to generate online income from around the world - even if you are complete beginner.

Our training focuses on the most valuable skills you need - the ones that actually make you money!

So if you feel like you missed the internet boom or you aren't yet making a full time income from your online business - then this is your chance to catch up and learn the secrets to creating a successful and future-proof income stream in the new digital age.

Foundation Digital Skills - Kickstarter Program

The simplest way to get started and learn three essential money-making digital skills in 5 hours of engaging digital training

Perfect for beginners as you will see how Digital Marketing works practically online. In this course you will learn:

  • How to design a website and digital advertising that delivers the leads and sales a business really needs
  • How to immediately recognise why a website isn't performing and how you can fix it
  • How to leverage social media without wasting time!
  • Valued at $297- now exclusive bonus for WebDev Accelerator Members
Exclusive Bonus To WebDev Accelerator Members

The WebDev Accelerator Program

- Web Design Course For Beginners

Matt and Liz Raad best web design course for beginners Australia

Build Your Own High-Performance Websites - Without Being A Tech-Wizz Or Programmer!

You'll learn how to build a $3,000 website quickly and easily - in days, not months or years! Step by step training designed for beginners delivers digital skills for future security and income.

Set yourself and your kids up for life!

Digital Profits Program - Website Flipping Course

Comprehensive home study program on how to buy a portfolio of automated websites

Learn How To Buy Websites for a new digital income stream - this online course gives you step by step training on how to Buy, Renovate and Sell Digital Real Estate.

The Digital Profits Program is designed to give you online business skills for life that will ensure you have control over your income and digital investments and the knowledge to buy and sell websites profitably.

This program is only opened for new enrollments at set times and events throughout the year. Please visit the eBusiness Institute of Australia for full details of this course.

If you are serious about earning passive income/working from home/taking control of your lifestyle, then this is the best course AND you will be able to recover your cost in a very short time – really!

- Ratna Rashid, Brisbane, QLD
Matt and Liz Raads How To Buy and Sell Websites Training Program

Matt and Liz Raads Private Coaching Program

Matt and Liz Raad Digital Marketing Coaching Program

High level coaching and mastermind program – by invitation only

Our private coaching is designed to accelerate your online results by having Matt and Liz work with you personally on your online business and strategy, hold you accountable to your goals and give you access to close-knit community of online entrepreneurs.

This program is opened only once a year for applications from students who have completed the Digital Profits Program or have attended our 3-Day Digital Profits Workshop.

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