Matt and Liz Raad

Matt and Liz Raad workshop review

Matt and Liz Raad Workshop Review – “The Talk of Australia!”

Your promise to deliver The Secrets of How to Buy and Sell Websites was honoured
100% and MORE at your recent Website Flipping Workshop.

Today your amazing energy and knowledge is spreading like wild fire throughout Australia.

From stage your eyes must have been dazzled by all the light bulbs going off from the spell bound 400 plus attendees of your 3 day seminar.

Your ears must be red hot and burning because Matt and Liz Raad are in our conversations and thoughts. Sometimes as whispers keeping you our secret, other times shouting your names to the heavens, finally two down to earth true blue Aussies, crikey you’re even the experts on Kangaroos.

Every conversation I heard was filled with absolute praise for your generosity of time and knowledge.

I regularly attend seminars on self  development, property and internet marketing (sadly it’s part
of my social life) and I have NEVER experienced the awe and love that every one had for the both of you.

You have and are something very, very, very special (using a pun from the weekend).

Matt Raad website flipping conference reviewIf I was asked to describe my personal experience of the last 3 days in just one word, it would be DYNAMIC and this would still not really do you and your seminar justice.

I can say this because I saw attendees in the streets, at dinner and the airport. If we did not actually
recognise each others faces or had made personal contact during the 3 days we could tell each other apart from the crowd by the sparkle in the eyes, the slight knowing smile AND the biggest give away was the light bulb hovering around the head that was not just bright and shiny but SPARKING.

If any one walked away from your 3 days without at least one idea welling up inside of them, then their temperature needs to be checked to see if they’re still alive.

Personally I have 89 jamb packed pages of pure, life altering notes, ideas and examples.

I had a major light bulb experience which woke me at 5am this morning and have commenced action.

All of this delivered without any Ra Ra hype. We didn’t need to do massages or stretches to keep
us awake.

Your non stop delivery of fact had us gob smacked.

Your examples of the good, the bad and the ugly websites that have sold, with full explanations on each, certainly opened our eyes as to what is possible for us at any level of experience.

Without giving away too much, the magic numbers to aim for and how to plug up the holes …

The rags to riches stories that are happening right here, right now set off the light bulbs for so many of us.

Matt and Liz Raad you are True Blue Aussie Entrepreneurs.

To say thank you seems so ho hum, but what else can I say except a very, very, very heart felt

Sue Elliott