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Experience digital learning like never before! Matt and Liz break down the complex and sometimes overwhelming world of digital marketing, website development and online business into simple, easy to follow steps that get real results and profits for graduates.

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Our live training events combine simple step-by-step learning with advanced and cutting edge techniques, plus plenty of fun laughs along way!

No matter where you are in your digital journey, and ESPECIALLY if you are starting from square one, Matt and Liz will guide you through to mastery of website development, renovation and investment.

This is the best way to prepare yourself and your kids for the impending digital future, and gain independence and control of your income and investment through online business strategies

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Conferences, Online Workshops and Training Events

Two days of digital marketing training designed to take the absolute beginner through to having solid foundation knowledge and skills in online marketing and website design.

Join us at conferences, online workshops and training events

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What Our Attendees Say

Matt and Liz Raad are great mentors, instructors and teachers. Their style and presentation of amazing content is truly “awesome”. We could not get this anywhere else.

I’ve seen many good speakers, professional and polished etc.. but this dynamic duo are so engaging, they’re like a breath of fresh air & fun to learn from.

Matt and Liz are inspiring, lifechanging, incredibly motivating people who I am so grateful to know. My life has changed immeasurably for the better on this website adventure.

For Digital Education, I would only send someone I care about to Matt and Liz Raad. They are the most knowledgeable, the best teachers, and the most integral internet marketers I know.

Its not just about buying and selling websites but understanding how to prepare a business for success and sale.

Matt and Liz Raad offer the most exciting/relevant program that is available on the market today. At the same time as teaching/imparting their knowledge they instill a very powerful self-belief in your own future success and happiness.

Annual Digital Investor Summit

Our flag-ship annual event where we take our students through and intensive three days training on website development, investment and renovation. This event has been the launch-pad for several million dollar businesses, and is designed to accelerate your results online.

We also cover selling websites to big corporate buyers for $Millions – what they look for, how you do it, plus guest speakers who have done the big sell out of their online businesses come back each year to share their experiences.

As a result this event has been the launch-pad for several multi-million dollar online businesses, and is designed to accelerate your results online no matter where you are starting – as a complete beginner to making money online right through to existing owners of online businesses.

Annual Digital Investor Summit

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What Our Attendees Say

Liz & Matt lead from the front. They actually walk their talk. What they teach is what they do, their common sense, simple approach is easy to follow. I’d encourage anybody to attend their workshops & course, who is looking for a new direction in their lives. Annette

I would recommend this 3 day workshop because it is so content rich, show you so many new possibilities to change your life and live your joy! Matt and Liz are great people and give from their hearts!

The most inspiring day course I have ever been to. Walked away with skills to use in my websites and gave my future a clearer picture. Thanks.

Matt and Liz are awesome at helping people from diverse starting points and circumstances to comprehend, commence, gain basic skills, develop and succeed with a rare and misunderstood marketable and life-altering skill set. The conference is well structured, content rich, informative, inspirational, well paced, giving lots of food for thought, action plan, and clear path to the next step of our digital journey.

I am so grateful that you two have provided all of us with more information than any other seminars I have been to. Truly amazing. You both come across as a great couple and it shows you don’t need to be ‘salesy’ to gain commitment. It will take some time to digest all this great content (phew) but you have really made me rethink everything I thought I knew. Thankyou.

Incredible stuff about the future everyone needs to know. This is the best way to create and maintain safe wealth to achieve freedom. Im very grateful to be part of this program and this event.

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Private Coaching Bootcamps and Industry Meetups

Our closed-door 2-day Bootcamps brings together high level coaching and mastermind with industry-leading and inspiring guest speakers, and the support of a close-knit group of internet entrepreneurs who earn their income online.

Private Coaching Bootcamps & Meetups

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What Our Attendees Say

The information shared this weekend was exceptional. It makes you think about what your own website is like and how you can improve it. Matt and liz always share so much valuable information that we can implement straight away. A valuable workshop for anyone at any age.

Have got so much value out of this workshop. This has been the most accessible and grounded information I have received from all the workshops and seminars (and there have been many) that I have been to in the last 10 years.

The weekend was incredibly informative and easy to understand. Liz and Matt have very real practical knowledge which they are keen to share. Highly recommended!

There are many internet and Business seminars, workshops and courses out there – Matt and Liz Raad offer one of the few, if any opportunities that combine the two. With their practical experience in business offline and online,they offer the one-stop shop for anyone who wants to achieve success in business and financial freedom.

This was an information packed weekend with the information presented in a clear and easy to understand manner. An amazing way to spend a weekend. Matt and Liz know their “stuff” and know how to share it.

A bucket load of new, relevant, up to date information. Even though there were many people in the workshop, Matt and Liz managed to make it feel like a close group. Love the energy and enthusiasm. Looking forward to being part of Matt and Liz's Community.