Matt and Liz Raad

Accelerated Business Growth Through Engaging Your Staff

Happy employees are productive employees and can help accelerate business growth. But recent polls show that only one in five employees rated their job positively! What can you do to change that in your workplace? With stats like these we can quickly see why any small business management process needs to consider solutions to staff problems.

Let’s take a look at what has been established in polls. It’s emerged that only one in every five workers feels enthusiastic about their job. Out of every 5 workers 3 acknowledge to not being committed with their full energy to doing a great job and almost one in every five workers is definitely not interested in doing a good job.

How is this possible when employers and business owners offer incentives and higher pay to engage qualified staff?

Productive employees want more than pay and incentives. There is an element of satisfaction that is currently not met by employers and small business management alike.

It’s been established in Employee surveys that manager and employer feedback and guidance is lacking in the workplace. Time to discuss problems is not part of daily routine in many businesses and being able to express new business ideas or suggestions is dismissed by busy and stressed out employers.

In order to feel appreciated employees are looking for feedback, praise and small rewards which is not forthcoming from typical small business management.

Often unrealistic expectations put upon work schedules and tasks meet with resistance and create a lack of enthusiasm in staff members.

It is time to turn that around so your profits can begin to grow!

Why engaging your staff = accelerated business growth…

When you respond to your employees’ unmotivated ways and find out what actions and implementations on your behalf can turn around your staff to become engaged and happy, the following benefits will emerge fairly quickly:

  • Everyone will be more productive and work with more enthusiasm and speed
  • Your people are more focused on their role in producing outcomes that are in line with the businesses’ interests
  • When engaged, workers make less mistakes, are more efficient and will stay in their job longer
  • Happy employees set a positive example for others in the business
  • Due to feeling more involved, staff achieve more, make more sales and as a result business profits are up, and staff problems are down!
  • Engaged employees display positive attitudes towards their tasks, co-workers and the business in general.


Just remember “Happy employees are productive employees”.

How to Engage Staff

If your profits are important to you, you will want to know how to ‘engage’ staff and foster enthusiasm and involvement.

The best way to engage staff quickly and successfully is to put in place the following steps:

  1. Regular weekly meetings
  2. Regular achievement evaluations
  3. Training opportunities
  4. Clear work processes that everyone understands
  5. Process to allow feedback and suggestions

Make the time to make these steps part of your overall small business management and you will see your profits rise as your productive employees become more engaged and happy and stay with you longer which in turn saves you on recruiting costs!