Matt and Liz Raad

Business Success While Still Enjoying the Journey!

Over our years of dealing with numerous business owners and entrepreneurs we have noticed that many business owners, whilst they do “OK” out of their businesses, they never seem to quite make the really big money. We have also noticed many business owners who dont appear to be maximising their results in their business and who “slog it out” day after day, until finally they have just had enough and then call us in to help them sell up. Maybe this is you?

Our experience is that with a few relatively quick and easy “tweeks” to how a business owner runs and views their business, the average established business owner can make a huge difference to their ultimate result, especially when it comes time to selling up and cashing in on their years of effort in their business.

We have been very fortunate that over the years we have also worked with many highly successful entrepreneurs who make big money through buying, building and selling businesses and coming from a business background ourselves, we realised that most small business owners never get access to the kind of knowledge, information and contacts that we had from brokering and buying and selling businesses.

It is very like the old days of property — before Real Estate analysis companies started organising and publishing reports on Real Estate sales. We have a lot of valuable information in our heads, but it is only valuable to a business owner if we collate and condense it into simple, practical strategies that are easy to understand and implement.

We now teach a system for buying and selling a business profitably which we developed from our experience in business and business brokering. Our focus is on the quick and simple – we like to give strategies and ideas that are fast and easy to implement, but give the biggest results for the least time, effort and money.

We focus very much on the 80/20 rule — revealing the specific areas of a business where you need to focus your attention and effort to give the highest return in profit and value.

Our strategies and systems are designed to help business owners make the transition from being a worker in their business, to being an INVESTOR.

This is an absolutely critical concept to understand, because this is the secret to true wealth and freedom through business. To understand that your business is an ASSET that you can add value to and sell for a profit.

It’s very like investing in property — too many of us treat our businesses like our dream home! We lavish time, money and attention on it, we invest emotionally rather than looking at the reality of the figures, and we hold on way too long because we are so attached.

Imagine if you treated an investment property like you treat your own home — you would probably invest way too much on renovating it, you would pay for jobs like rewiring that add no extra value but cost a fortune, you would invest in higher quality fixtures and fittings because you loved having them (not because it made commercial sense), you would probably spend way too much time on maintenance, and you would find it hard to sell because you had put so much time, energy and heart into it.

It’s quite obvious you wouldn’t make much of a profit! But does this sound familiar? Are you treating your business in the same way?

Are you investing too much in stock because you just love buying it and having it around? Are you allowing the business to take up too much of your time and energy? Are you ploughing in money and time and not thinking about the end point — how are you going to sell it and actually make a profit?

Business can be an incredibly fast and leveraged way to make money — if you have the right mindset and attitude. The first step is to see yourself as an INVESTOR, not a worker in your business because this will guide you to creating not only great cash-flow, but also a well-systemised business that gives you lifestyle and FREEDOM!