Matt and Liz Raad

The Ultimate Business Sale Strategy! -Rapid growth by acquisitions

Ever dream of the really big sale price for your business? In this article we will share with you a simple yet powerful strategy to achieve this. It also happens to be a fantastic way to grow your business rapidly.

By the end of this article you will have your eyes opened to new business ideas that many high level entrepreneurs use to make big money with business.

In essence this strategy is a very quick way to massively add value to a business and for this reason it can be a great way to get top price for your business when you come to sell your business.

A lot of small businesses seem to think that the best way to grow their business and ultimately get the big sale price is by franchising.

However, in our opinion this is a much better (and simpler) way that most small business owners dont consider or use. This is a favourite strategy of all the savvy successful entrepreneurs we know because it is so effective.

So lets continue and see what it is all about…

Growth By Acquisitions
Roll-ups, merger and acquisitions, bolt-ons, growth by acquisitions? You may have heard these terms before and thought it all sounds a bit corporate and too big end of town for a small business owner, BUT it's actually quite simple.

Quite simply it is just buying up a like business and adding to your existing business. This is a business growth strategy you start implementing well before you sell up. You literally "Bolt" another business onto your own with a view to selling out the combined entity for a much bigger sale price than if you had sold just your single business.

In general you look at buying a business smaller than yours and the idea is to add to the two companies together, enjoy the benefits of costs saving synergies across the combined companies and increasing the net profit. This means you can show a buyer that you've got something bigger now and the other important reason this works so effectively is that (in general) as net profits become higher, sales multiples of businesses can increase significantly.

So Why is this business growth so powerfully effective?
By rapidly and very aggressively growing your business through acquisitions you massively leverage your businesses value quickly and simply.

Consider that if you can purchase a business on a low multiplier and then bolt it to your existing business making it much bigger and better business, you can then sell on a higher multiplier and you have suddenly created a lot of money through the power of massive leverage.

Case Study #1: A good reason to consider this profitable business idea…
One of the buyers of a business I was involved with recently was a private equity firm. It was quite interesting that the smallest business that this PE firm would look at had to have a net profit of at least $2 Million. My vendors business netted around $1.45 Million. They were quite keen to buy my vendors business, but only of he could find another business in his industry that he could acquire to "bolt-on" to his company so that the net profit could be built up to $2 Million. Until he did this "bolt-on" or acquisition they were not interested in proceeding with the sale. And if he did do it they were prepared to pay him a higher multiplier for the business.

Can You Do This With Online Businesses?
In our workshops we teach this as an ideal strategy to apply to buying websites -building your own online empire!

Basically if you are in a niche, go out and find other websites that are also in your niche and buy them up. You can rapidly have a nice portfolio of related sites that all dominate your niche.

This can be highly effective because it can be so cheap and easy to buy websites (Make sure you come along to one of our workshops to learn all about how to do this exciting web buying strategy! 🙂

In Conclusion:
In this article we wanted to open your mind to new business ideas for greatly increasing the sale price of your business when it comes time to sell your business, and to get you thinking about it as an option to implement in your business. Dont just think of it as something that the big companies do, you can do this at any level.

You don't have to be a business magnate to start doing this, although you can rapidly become one as you get more proficient growing your business through acquisitions!