Matt and Liz Raad

Matt Raad teaches the power of networking with Millionaires

How To Accelerate Your Wealth By Networking With Millionaires

Have you ever thought you need to be rich before you can network with multi-millionaires? Successful people rarely make it on their own. They need a community around them, and the most successful people do that through networking with other successful people.

Recently, when reading the 2019 Rich 250, I saw two people on there I have had personal dealings with and whom I’ve learnt valuable lessons off – all because of networking in business.

It’s fair to say, this isn’t a coincidence. Liz and I make a point of networking both online and offline, and we believe you should too if you want to reach a high level of success in life and business.

Hi, it’s Matt Raad here. There is a really important lesson that I just want to share with you from reading the Rich 250 this year. Something has really stood out to me, and I have been chatting with Liz about it as well.

What you can see is that a lot of these wealthy and very successful business people (or high net worth’s) here in Australia, are all very well networked. They know each other, and they all help each other out. A lot of them are mentors to each other, because there’s obviously a big age difference across the spectrum here.

So this is something that we’re really big about, and that we teach all our students. It’s something that’s helped us enormously in business, and that’s a really good lesson to get when you learn about following the money. In other words – what are the rich doing? They’re all networking and getting to know each other in business.

Now, if you’re sitting there thinking, “well it’s all fine for the rich, they’re all well networked anyway because of their family connections etc.”, just remember, a lot of the people in this Rich 250 started out like you and I. They are self-made millionaires and one of the things you can do is, don’t ever be thinking just because you’re not rich that you can’t network as well.

So for instance, for myself, really interesting where I grew up in a pretty rough country town, and I certainly didn’t know any millionaires when I was a kid. And I always wanted to be an entrepreneur. Even when I left school, I still didn’t know any millionaires and it would be very difficult to get to network in these sorts of circles. Now at this stage in my life, I’ve had personal business dealings with two of the people on the Rich 250 list.

So, you never know where your life goes especially if you set that vision. And I’ve always had that vision to use the power of networking to help me get ahead. Its amazing what you learn from networking with the right business people.

So, I highly recommend you set that sort of goal for yourself as well. You never know where you end up. You may be networking with these amazing people on the Rich 250 list!