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Is Perfectionism Holding You Back From Success?

matt raad mindset trainingWe see a lot of our students who are perfectionists – this is quite common amongst high achievers!

Perfectionism though can have a downside and we have noticed when learning how to buy or build websites for passive income, perfectionism can hold back our students – the fear they don’t have it perfect, that the site may not look good, their keyword research is not perfect, the website isn’t set up just right, that we need to wait for the perfect launch time of a new website, etc, etc.

We have noticed that learning how to buy websites or build websites for passive income is a great way to bring out your perfectionist tendencies J – if you notice this, don’t beat yourself up (as perfectionists tend to do), just realize its something you may need to work on.

Here’s why: If you’d like to be good at a new skill, the first thing to go out the window is the idea of perfection. You must learn its ok to make mistakes, even the best of us do!

Matt Raad Inspiring QuoteTyler Durden, the main character from the film Fight Club said to stop being perfect because obsessing about perfection stops you from growing.  You stop taking chances which means you stop learning.

Realise that you will have failures on your journey and yes mistakes will happen – BUT to quote from one of our favourite posters we have in our home gym:

“You must always push the limits because if you never fail, you will never succeed”

We wish you all the best on your journey of learning how to create wealth and freedom through websites!