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Why Matt Raad Loves Teaching SEO!

matt raad teaches SEOIts well know among our students that I love teaching Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and anything to do with SEO. So I thought I would share the SEO story that inspired me…

Back around 2010 I started to get really interested in SEO. We had already been online but mainly were driving traffic with via paid traffic. When I was starting out online learning about search engine optimisation (SEO) – basically ranking websites on the front page of Google, I heard about a young guy my age who figured out SEO in a VERY competitive niche and sold out for $10-Millions – it was a very private deal but there were whispers around in the niche about this website sale.

I kind of had an approximate idea of the sites and keywords involved (it was quite secretive) as I was in the same niche (and doing alright but not $10-Millions alright) – so it really struck home to me how much good SEO skills could be worth (remember, I was new to this at the time) – here was this young guy who could beat everyone else just through focusing on good SEO and he was handsomely rewarded by being bought out for tens of millions basically for his knowledge and abilities, his ability to create money out of thin air by ranking sites highly and driving lots of free traffic to sites.

Interestingly I later met someone at a very high level in Private Equity who confirmed the story (and amounts) for me and wow, really impressive! Apparently he is about to do it again (very quietly) in another competitive niche online. Why? Because he can! He has a seriously impressive money making skill for life.seo training courses

This is not a plug for SEO by the way (even though I love it) – its more to show you my personal inspiration because at the time it really did hit me how awesome this online business world is compared to traditional bricks and mortar businesses which we were used to. And just maybe get you inspired about online business and the value of learning digital skills.

So here’s something else to think about…

For all the worldwide volatility, unknowns around economy and jobs, will the share market keep going up, or turn down? Will the real estate market crash, will there be a recession, will things boom yet again for another 10 years, will I have a job, will I not? Will there be a recession, inflation, deflation, stagflation, robots running investments, no matter what, cash-flow is always king in business! And the ability to create cash-flow is always priceless and fantastic security for whatever happens.

And there is no business for high cash-flow like website businesses! Just look at the stock market – the most successful companies that basically drive the entire share market now are internet & tech business –because they generate so much cash with so little debt and so few employees and have a reach of billions of potential customers worldwide.

We can do the same! From home with our own websites or through buying websites! (Admittedly with a few less zero’s)

I personally think that no matter what, owning a range of simple, little cash-cow online businesses is awesome protection and security for your future.

AND, No matter what, setting yourself up with key skills of the future and smart digital skills + creativity + the knowledge to create money out of thin air is priceless!

And yep, I guess that is a bit of plug to check out some of our SEO training courses sometime too 🙂